Hey guys!

Santa Teresa Key Club presents to YOU our 6th annual Casino Night on June 7!

Come for a night filled with Casino games (Poker, blackjack, and more), fantastic food, refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, dance (hosted by DJ Tone), and good company with your fellow D12S Key Clubbers!

  • Admission is $13. Tickets sold at the door.
  • Semi-formal attire minimum! Dress to impress!
  • Unlimited Drinks wristbands will be sold for $7

Don’t miss the opportunity to party the night away with your friends, and make new ones along the way.

See you then, and get ready to have an amazing night!

NOTE: Only Division 12 South members may attend Casino Night!

  • Santa Teresa 
  • Oak Grove 
  • Andrew Hill 
  • Silver Creek 
  • Evergreen 
  • Ann Sobrato 
  • Leland 
  • Yerba Buena
  • Pioneer 
  • Willow Glen 
  • Gunderson

You don’t necessarily have to be a Key Club member to attend, but you must attend the previously stated schools. *Please refrain from bringing non Division 12 South students to this event!

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/255170974622142

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